Since 2006, Ausblick is found and based in The Netherlands as a well-known European vinyl floors. Our products reflect modern lifestyles for better living conditions and contribute to a healthy and clean environment. Besides, our products comply with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE European standards.

Ausblick is the best company in providing flooring solutions for any home, office, and shops, buildings, and new construction projects including installation services, warranties, after sales services because when for example, floors are professionally installed, then lasting for many years with a valid legal warranty.

We strive to meet customer needs in terms of design, budget, and purpose. The floors and walls are available in different sizes and in a comprehensive array of supreme colors and patterns in order to give a personal touch for any home or business owner.

Ausblick has obtained the highest quality standard certifications including:

BSCI, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, Floorscore, SGS, and TÜV.


Ausblick has determined to bring new innovative products to our customers with the highest quality at affordable prices.

Management Control

Value and supply chain are under control of our management team, who is responsible in taking careful steps toward a quality enhancement and efficiency.


We are proud of our quality concept which is applied on each step of production processes to ensure that products meet all industrial and international standards.

Ausblick floors offers natural looks, hard wearing in specific applications, resistance against moisture-scratch-stain, low noise levels, good heat insulator, and easy installation and maintenance.

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