WPC vs Wood Flooring

When the decision is to be made about choosing a WPC or wooden floor, we will think about the best looking, functionality, and cost. So let’s compare the two side by side to make the decision easier.

What is WPC flooring?

Before we go any further, let’s just make sure we know what we’re talking about here. WPC stands for wood-plastic composite. It is a step forward from regular vinyl because it uses a solid base layer of composite wood and plasticizers that give it properties superior to conventional vinyl. It feels stiff underfoot, exceptionally waterproof, and incredibly strong. While the wood offers the best quality in real natural wood flooring, WPC flooring gives it a lot of difficulty for the money.

So what are the differences when comparing WPC and wood flooring side by side.

Cost – It probably comes as no surprise that WPC is more economical than engineered solid wood. The initial investment in WPC should come as a pleasant surprise, given the cost per square meter of even the least expensive option than real hardwood.

Installation Costs – The savings don’t end with the purchase price because installing WPC panels is easy and relatively quick, which means it’s either easier to do it yourself, or less expensive for a professional floor designer. Either way, you should be saving all the way.

Appearance – WPC uses a vinyl top coat with a very realistic print for your chosen wood paint.

Durability – WPC is extremely durable and can be expected to provide decades of regular home use. In some ways, it is more durable than wood.

Longevity – It is noteworthy that WPC flooring should last for decades, and even longer than a high-quality wood.

Water Resistance – While wood offers a very high degree of water resistance if treated with the correct finish, the best true wood product cannot beat WPC water resistance.

Therefore, in conclusion, while wood remains the first choice overall, the cost savings and practicality of a high-quality WPC floor may make it the best choice in terms of a lower cost budget, its functionality, and durability We hope this gives you enough information, but if you still have questions we are always happy to help with expert advice

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